Our Story

Founded in 2016, Marie Gallery 5 launched with a goal to represent the most promising artists and exhibit their work both locally and internationally.  The key initiative was to provide opportunities to artists entering the global art market. Maria Galea founded the gallery on the principle that galleries are a voice for artists, giving them exposure, credibility ultimately enhancing their career. Located in the heart of Mosta, it is described as “ one of a very few private art galleries – completely dedicated to showcasing some of the finest contemporary art in Malta.” Having represented local artists in international art fairs in New York, Miami and Dubai, the gallery has established itself as a space dedicated to cultivating and promoting local artists through a new lens. 


Between 2017 & 2018 , founder and gallerist Maria Galea launched a new partnership with International company Iniala,  whereby together they opened a cluster of galleries across Malta as well as one in Thailand called Iniala 5. During this time the gallery was part of an intense exhibition calendar showcasing both local and international artists on a monthly basis. 


The gallery is continuously scouting for emerging talent, whilst representing highly established names in the art market in Malta. Through a relaunch in February 2021 the gallery shall be showcasing a daily rotation of works whilst hosting a cluster of exhibitions every quarter of the year. 


MARIE GALLERY5 was born out of personal aspiration to give new opportunities to artists, whilst increasing awareness of the value of art to the market. Today the gallery continues on its journey to promote, connect and showcase curated works to its clients and new art lovers, enjoying the experience of owning and investing in art.

  • Isabelle Borg Collection, Managed by Marie Gallery 5

    Isabelle Borg Collection

    Managed by Marie Gallery 5

    Born in 2017 the Isabelle Borg Collection has been created to keep Isabelle’s legacy alive through her work. The collection represents the remaining body of works from Isabelle's vibrant and active artistic career.  Managed by Gallerist and art advisor Maria Galea through Marie Gallery5,  with a vision of keeping Isabelle's work alive, both within the local and international art scene.  Isabelle was a very active woman both in her personal and artistic life, and this body of works represent every side of her. From abstracts, figurative, suitcases and her endless sketches on her sketch books. This collection is a reflection of Isabelle as all her other iconic pieces which have been purchase by private collectors.  Some of works have been exhibited through a solo retrospective exhibition in 2017, as well as in diverse collectives shows and auctions. The future of this collection is to preserve Isabelle’s reputation both locally and internationally whilst keep Isabelle’s memories and experiences alive by applying them to every project.

  • The Space


    Located in the heart of Mosta, the gallery is set up to cater for different installations and events. The 40ft ceilings and professionally well lit space makes it a perfect white cube space to accomodate multiple set ups. As you walk further in the space is then divided into two areas which also cater for video projectons and installations.