Advisory : Bespoke art services for art lovers, corporate, hospitality and institutions.

We bridge the  gap between art, artists, collectors and institutions, providing an all rounded bespoke service. From initial research and sourcing, to purchase negotiations, administration and shipment, our service ensures peace of mind throughout the process. Rather than communication on a transactional basis, we build close working relationships with our clients to ensure support in the development of the collection or estate. 
  • Curatorial Art Projects

    Hospitality. Corporate. Residential.

    Art curation is a personal and unique process which takes different forms. Whether  you want something special for your home, or want to create a memmorable experience for clients and employees , every project is tailored to specific requirments and curatorial approach. We evolve these ideas through research and concept development phase. Taking a project oriented approach gives us the ability to offer a full package, hassle free service. Understanding that art can sometime be costly or not easily accessible, we work around your budget and advise according to your needs. Our curatorial porjects form  part of our mission of  making art accessible within private and public spaces. 


  • Art Consulting

    Collection Management. Art as an Asset.

    As with any asset, numerous factors affect value. While the artwork itself is inevitably of utmost importance, artists' status, the current market, and macroeconomic climate are essential in delineating value. We guarantee sound market insights are brought to the development of your art collection. We build close working relationships with our clients to ensure support in the development of your collection.

  • Art Valutaion

    Authenticity ,Provenance, Condition reports

    We offer an onsite service for the appraising and valuation of art. Our valuation service offers documentation, inventory creation, conidtion reports,authenticity and provenance research .This service is commonly applied  for insurance, inheritence and division of assets purposes. 

  • Private Art Sales

    Buy and Sell art privately

    We work  with collectors searching for high-value pieces in private sales, international auction houses and dealer galleries. Our service provides you with an enjoyable experience. From initial research, to sourcing artworks, and negotiating private sales and shipment, and finally installation in your home.Rather than communication on a job-to-job basis, we build close working relationships with our clients to ensure they receive round-the-clock support in all stages of the development of a collection. Confidentiality and professionalism are our utmost priorities. If you are looking to buy or sell privately, we are on it ! 


    Building and preserving legacy
    Building legacy, awarness and economic value through stratedgy planning and a bespoke outreach programme, we ensure that the artists work and life and preserved through his works. Our estate managment service is a long term partnership offering a variety of services, from storgae, marketing, exhibitions, auctions and publications. 

    Site visits or online consultations to guide you in the right direction.