JUXTAPOSE by Alfie Borg in aid of The Hudson Foundation


Marie Gallery 5 has had the pleasure to host the charity exhibition Juxtapose by Alfie Borg, the Chairman and Founder of Hudson, unveiled  a collection of 19 diverse  works in aid of The Hudson Foundation.  


The funds collected from the successfull sales  during the exhibition will directly go towards to support the causes that champion the three pillars of the Hudson Foundation – children, dogs and Mother Earth.  The Ukrainian community in Malta, AAA (Association of Abandoned Animals) and Park tal-Majjistral in the north of Malta. These entities were represented by three individuals who shared how the funds provided by the Hudson Foundation last year were utilised for their good cause.


The collection delves into the intricate interplay between fame and society through the intellectually stimulating artworks of Alfie Borg, who dares to challenge established norms.


Traditional boundaries are shattered, and established concepts are redefined, serving as a reflective artwork that contemplates the ever-evolving dynamics of fame, belief systems, politics, financial matters, corruption, and warfare. These contemplations transcend temporal and spatial constraints, navigating the intricate tapestry of fame and society.


"JUXTAPOSE" serves as a catalyst for conversations and introspection. Through the application of 'cognitive dissonance' and the utilisation of mixed media, inspiration flows from various facets of the artist's life, merging seamlessly with his prowess in crafting mixed media art. Notably, mixed media's versatility is showcased through a myriad of techniques, encompassing painting, drawing, layering, collaging, texturing, sgraffito, the creation of a peeled paint effect, mono-printing, frontage, rubbing, slicing, and weaving, effectively uniting diverse artistic methods. Many of these techniques find expression in Alfie's "JUXTAPOSE" collection.


Alfie Borg's passion for art has been an integral part of his identity since childhood, as he would sketch and doodle on any available surface. His art is not a mere endeavour to please others but rather a means to materialise his visions on solid wooden canvases.  Alfie's visual muse emanates from the vibrant contemporary art scenes of New York, Los Angeles, and London, coupled with his affection for cartoons, movies, music, and superheroes.


 Alfie Borg roles as  Founder and Chairman at Hudson Holdings Ltd, a company have played a pivotal role in introducing renowned sports and fashion brands to Malta, Africa, and Southern Europe. Until just a few years ago, Alfie also held the position of Chief Executive Officer within the organisation.


Guided by the wisdom of Albert Einstein, who famously stated, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world," Alfie has wholeheartedly embraced the power of imagination throughout his life. He firmly believes that with imagination, limitless opportunities emerge, and boundaries become irrelevant.


Alfie's professional endeavors and artistic expressions mutually enrich each other, establishing a harmonious equilibrium in his life. Art acts as the driving force that harmonises his professional commitments and family life. This same spirit of imagination characterises Alfie's artistic creations, as he channels his energy into producing something refreshingly distinctive, as exemplified by his 'Juxtapose' art collection. In addition this collection serves as a fundraiser for the Hudson Foundation set up with the intention to give back to society, to  ‘Give a Voice to the Voiceless’, with a main focus on Children, Dogs and Mother Earth.



December 8, 2023